Monday, January 23, 2012


We had a bit of a Zach day today. He is star of the week at school this week so I spent the morning going thought pictures to put on his poster for school. I love going through pictures, such a fun way to bring up fun memories.  

Star of the Week poster
After school Zach had his 7 year old check up at the doctor. He got weighed in, height checked and vision checked by the nurse. Then the first thing the doctor said when he walked in was 'So Zach, tell me, how long until you are taller then me?' Zach is literally off the charts. They have a chart prediction thing they do every time and it does not go high enough to measure Zach. At the very tallest on the chart he would be taller then me at 11. Brandon mentioned that he was a late blossomer (I was too) and the ped said that Zach will be even taller if he hits puberty late. We both figured it was the other way around. But he explained that he will keep growing until then then have his big growth spurt. So, long story short, Zach is still tall. 

After the docs we went to the Humane Society to take in Zachs donations. He was so excited for it. 

With his donations at the Humane Society

I called ahead and talked to a woman who works there. She made up a certificate to give him. She kept going on and on about how MARVELOUS he is. It was very sweet. Then she and a volunteer took him on a tour of the place and let him meet some of the animals he was helping. 

One of the puppies they got to meet

He really enjoyed the tour. He was told to come back anytime just to visit. They made him feel very special.

Zachs thank you certificate

I asked him after if it was worth not getting a ton of  presents to do this. His reply was 'TOTALLY! Helping the animals is way better'

I'm starting to think he has a career as a vet or something ahead of him. 


Coco said...

I'm bawling again!!! He is so awesome!!!

MarieBug924 said...

Me too!! You keep making me weepy!! I am glad that he had an awesome day and got to see what his donations are going to.