Sunday, August 28, 2016

Oregon Coast Trip

Summer gave me the urge to travel and Brandon had a bit of time off so we decided to take advantage of it. We talked about Disneyland but I didn't want to spend a fortune. I looked at getaway deals on every website I could think of. We brainstormed. Then in my Pinterest feed, I randomly came across this article. 12 reasons the Oregon Coast is better than Disneyland. We are a beach family, if a vacay doesn't have a beach, we are a bit saddened by it. The Oregon Coast sounded right up our alley. We rented a house on Airbnb that had it's own beach access, we decided to drive to a) save money and b) take the dogs. It's a long ass drive, fyi. We had an amazing time. Brandon and I both took pics with our phones the whole time and I am going to load them all here to have them in one spot. It's a mess but I will do what I can! 

We spent a lot of time in the car. We took 2 days on the drive up and made a few stops. We drove straight through on the way home. 
Long ass time. 
Headed out!
See ya later!!
Shoshone Falls
Shoshone Falls

Car trips are better with a buddy. 
Repeat photo for the way home. 

Had some car problems. Its super nice when it
happens where there is no cell service! Luckily
we didn't have to walk far to call Roadside
Assistance. One new battery and away we go. 
The dog was seriously getting on my nerves.
Shoshone Falls

We spent some time on the amazing beach that was a short walk out our door. We rarely ever saw anyone else down there. It was amazing to have the beach to ourselves.
This was the walkway to our private beach.

Jumping for joy to be at the beach. And out of the car. 

Pure happiness. 

Zach loved dragging seaweed around. 

Water soothes the soul. 

We also went on as many adventures as we could find. 
We hiked down into Boiler Bay Research Facility. It was amazing. I was 100% out of my element but Brandon convinced us to keep going and it was the highlight of our trip. Even though *someone* feel in the mud and got her only sweatshirt and only pair of jeans covered in yuck. We were able to walk to the Devil's Punchbowl from our beach. We hiked and climbed and scaled and waded all over the area around us. 

Devil's Punchbowl

Tide pools

Guess how to get up there? Climb. 

Touching anemones. 

Found a critter


I absolutely love this picture of Zelda. 


Tide pools are cool. 

Devil's Punchbowl


So much driftwood.

Some dummy fell on her ass. 


Straight down behind them. ahhh! =D

The tree root "ladder" we used to get down to Boiler Bay. 

We spent some time in Historic Newport where we saw the sea lions, went to the Wax Museum, The Ripley's Believe it or Not museum and the Under the Sea Garden. We visited the little shops around there also. It was a great way to spend some downtime. 

Creepy heads in jars at the wax museum.

Some one be in charge of making sure this is what my headstone says when I die.
Meant Well
Tried a little
Failed much

So, this sarcophagus would open to freak you out. Just as it did, Brandon
jumped out and yelled "BOOO!" at me. I screamed like an idiot, of course. 

Me and my pal. E.T.

Going through the crazy spinning walls hallway. It makes me
dizzy to even look at this pic. 

I love this!

I seriously stood there for like 3 minutes waiting for them to finish
getting their photo so I didn't step in front of it. Wax museum gold. 

Gotta love a smuggler. 

Sea lions are funny. Probably laughing at his own joke. 

The sea lions were stinky and loud but Zach absolutely loved them.
He asked to go see them every day. 

We met some creatures along the way. 

Sup, crab? Wanna hang? 

Crab didn't wan't to hang. He pinched the shit out of
Chelsea's finger. 

Blob, glob, jellyfish. 

Checking to see if Chels liked this crab better.
She decided not to get close enough to find out. 

How about a teeny tiny hermit crab?

Sad face. Zach said "now that is how you show respect to a dead bird."

Spent some time in our awesome triangle house. (check out the Dude's Abode on Airbnb if you are looking for a great place to stay!)

Had a campfire by the beach. 


Comfy cozy. 

So sure that if they got scratchers that they would get rich.
(in case you were wondering, they didn't)

A little minecraft before bed. 

Their cute triange house bedroom. 


This dude came wandering around each night.
Wouldn't come in or anything. He seemed like a real loner type. 

This is my pufferfish pal. He lived in a fish cage next to my bed. 

Did some geocaching. 

Climbing around. 

Found this beautiful, hidden waterfall while
searching for a geocache. It was amazing. 


Found it!

And took some majestic selfies. 

And now, for making it to the end, I shall leave you with a photo of me in the tub.