Saturday, October 29, 2011

Star Wars Day

Zach with a clone trooper 
Today the kids and I went to Murray Library for their Star Wars day. Zach is a HUGE Star Wars fan. This was an exciting day for him.
Chelsea was nervous of the Star Wars guys 

With Jango Fett

With Darth Vader and some other guy

Kids with a sand trooper. Zach was really excited for the sand trooper. 

Anikin Skywalker
I like Star Wars too but more of a in passing way. Zach is die hard Star Wars. He has always been pretty all or nothing though. It started with Cars and has worked its way up, right now its Star Wars and Superheros. Most of the boys in his class like Superheros and Star Wars but none to the extent he does.  
With Captain Rex

With a storm trooper

So today was very exciting for Zach. Chelsea thought it was neat but she was pretty nervous. To begin with she wouldn't get anywhere near the characters. Then someone offered to take pics for us so I could go with her. After that she would go with Zach but you notice he is always between her and the guy and she is sucked up pretty close to him. Good thing she has such a sweet protective brother!


Most everyone we know has already carved their pumpkins but I made my family wait. I didn't want their work to be mush before trick-or-treating. Brandon was home for a minute yesterday so we went ahead and carved them.

Get it!

EW! Mom its so gross! 

The tongue! 

Cut cut carve

Chelseas finished product


Zach's super awesome jack-o-lantern 

So proud

Chelsea's is a witch

Still working on his......

Brandons finished
The kids did a great job. I bought them sticker faces to put on and carve around.

Chelsea was pretty excited by them but Zach wanted to make his own face. Chelsea was a little disheartened that she would be the only one using the stickers so I told her I would also.  They did a great job. They did their own gutting, Zach did all of his own carving. Chelsea needed some help. They did awesome. Chelsea seemed to feel bad after. She kept trying to put hers back together. =)

Gotta have some carving tunes.  

Batch 1. 

An awful pic. I didn't realize but its all I have of batch 2. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

SLCPD Trick or Treat

Today was trick or treat day at Coco's work. I look forward  to it every year. It is a blast. 

Super Walkers!

Night Owl and Batgirl

Trick or Treat

Night Owl

The Zoo brought a bearded dragon. Zach thought it was awesome.

Chelsea with the bearded dragon 

The kids got quite the haul. They have decided they want different bags for Halloween. Their hands got pretty heavy and awkward to carry. Poor Coco ended up with them. 
With the Chief of Police

I think my mom said he is a councilman. 

Bang bang

In an ambulance

I highly recommend every goes next year! Its pretty awesome.

Zachs balloon gun from the clown

With the fire department 

Thursday, October 27, 2011


So I have been planning on being Batgirl for Halloween this year. But $50 for a costume for me seemed a bit extreme. So I decided to take a DIY approach this year. Just got home from my shopping spree. 

Dress ~ $1.99

Boots ~ $4.99

Cape (my big purchase) ~ $10 

Mask ~ $1 

Fabric to make a bat symbol ~ $0.50 

I haven't put it together yet but I have high hopes for it!

By the way, did you know Batgirl is a librarian?? Awesomeness. 

Zachs Halloween Parade

Today was Zachs Halloween parade and party at school today. It was just me and Chelsea there to watch but we had fun. We got there a bit early to make sure Zach got his costume on ok and to get seats. Chelsea got a little bored so she was taking pictures, a lot of these are hers. 
Mummy sandwich I made Zach for his lunch

Waiting for the parade 

Just the girlies

Self portrait

Lots and lots of pictures of the dog

Got bored

The principal 

Cute witchy Ezri

Captain America

Chelsea was quite enthralled with Ardens witchy brew

Doing Kennys awesome spider craft

Making a ghost

Decorating cookies

Jennifer was so kind and let Chelsea do a cookie too

Zachs crafts 

Cookie girl 

Mummy game

Mummy game

Mummy game