Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zachs Halloween Parade

Today was Zachs Halloween parade and party at school today. It was just me and Chelsea there to watch but we had fun. We got there a bit early to make sure Zach got his costume on ok and to get seats. Chelsea got a little bored so she was taking pictures, a lot of these are hers. 
Mummy sandwich I made Zach for his lunch

Waiting for the parade 

Just the girlies

Self portrait

Lots and lots of pictures of the dog

Got bored

The principal 

Cute witchy Ezri

Captain America

Chelsea was quite enthralled with Ardens witchy brew

Doing Kennys awesome spider craft

Making a ghost

Decorating cookies

Jennifer was so kind and let Chelsea do a cookie too

Zachs crafts 

Cookie girl 

Mummy game

Mummy game

Mummy game


Coco said...

So adorable!!! Loved the foot shot!!!

Crystal said...

The foot shot was all Chelsea!