Sunday, May 27, 2012


Chelsea played her first team sport this spring. She got it in her head that she looooves soccer so I signed her up to play. She really did love it quite a bit. I think most of the reason she loved it was that her BFF Stevie was on her team with her. They were pretty adorable. The first game they each scored a goal, after that game they spent more time holding hands then trying to get the ball. It was really sweet.

Me and my soccer star

Nervous to get the ball

Speedy Stevie! 

"That was some epic hand holding out there!"


Soccer stars!!

These pictures are all from the last game. I took more, during other games and figured I'd make 1 blog post but now I cant find them. *sigh*


With the less then ideal weather this long weekend I had to think of something to do outside of the house. My kids were going a little stir-crazy. We already went to a movie yesterday and I wanted something a little more fun. Zach has been talking about bowling so I thought we would give it a shot. We went to Bonwood Bowling (3 games and shoes for $7!) for the afternoon. It was a BLAST. I wasn't sure how the kids would do for 3 games and honestly never expected we would stay through them all. But they were loving it. Zach was pretty good and Chelsea was pretty hilarious. Her ball just STOPPED a couple of times.





Chelsea, somehow makes it look quite 50s

My mad bowling skills

Game 1 

Chelsea learned about bowling alley nachos,
similar but not the same as gas station nachos. 

game 2

Snack break!

game 3

Beach day!

I'm pretty behind in posting this. My computer has been giving me some fits but it seems to be working now!

Our last day in New Orleans we drove about an hour and a half to Gulf Port Mississippi. It was the day that Chelsea was REALLY looking forward to. BEACH DAY!  Chelsea is like me, salt water in her veins. She just wanted to be at the beach. We had an awesome time. When we drove up we could see an area that was a sandbar so we set up there. We were able to walk out for ages without it going past our knees. Which was great for both my water-nervous boy and my fearless girl.

Finally at the beach!


Got right into the important stuff. Building stuff with sand!

Dad helped too.

Always need a moat. 

Floating around! 

Pink floatie build for 2!

The boys built a crabby castle. 

Comfy lady

I stinkin' love this one! 

I literally had to drag him but I got him out in the water for a few minutes. 

Time to go!