Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chelseas Birthday

My baby girl turned 3 on Oct. 31. I have a hard time with my kiddos birthdays. It always hits me hard. But I love how happy and excited they get. Having her birthday on Halloween means we usually end up celebrating it in the beginning of November so that people with actually show up! This year since Halloween was on a Sunday and everyone was trick or treating on Saturday we decided to throw her party on her ACTUAL birthday. We celebrated at Sugar Space which is a neat little rental space in Sugarhouse. They set up tunnels and costumes for the kids. And of course, a bouncy house! There were special tables set up for the kids. It was just a really neat place. We had so much fun. They played music and had a disco ball going. None of the kids would do any of the dance games so it was my mom, sister, stepdad and husband doing things like the freeze dance and macarana and stuff while the kiddos sat and stared.

The only disappointment was that my plans didn't work as well as I had hoped they would... We had a pretty small turn out. I way over invited and was a bit afraid that we would have too many people there but a large number of people were no shows. That was a bit sad. Some people that I assume would never miss her party and some who I wasn't sure would come which is why I overinvited. I always plan on people not coming but I was pretty surprised at how many didn't come. But the people who did come are all really awesome so it made up for it!

 Coloring books
 Princess Vanity 
 Hula Hoops
 Watching weird grown-ups dance
 Freeze Dance
 Princess cake on brown. Exactly what she said she wanted her cake to be. 
 How doggies eat cake
Pinata goodies


Happy Halloween! Yes I know I am a little late with this but better late then never, right?