Tuesday, September 13, 2011

State Fair 2011

We had a fun family day at the fair yesterday. I didn't actually plan on going this year but we were looking for something to do and it was family day, we couldn't resist. We haven't missed the fair since Brandon and I got together. This is our 8th fair together. 

Brandon was really intrigued by rabbit yard
We took Chelsea while Zach was at school then picked him up and went back. We saw the animals twice, kids went on lots of rides, we of course looked at hot tubs!

We spent a long time at the bees. I love bees and think they are crazy neat. With the help of the guys at the booth, I think I have Brandon talked into a beehive next year. I am really excited! Who wants honey?!?

My first time touching a cow!

Chelsea was nervous of the cow

Only at the fair

Zach loved the dressed up geese

Checkin' out HOT TUBS!

Thats a HOT trike! (look closely)

He has mad egg grabbing skills. Beach taught him!

Cindy the fire dog. 

My reason for going to the fair every year! I just wanna see the BUTTER!

We ended up staying REALLY late. We didn't plan to. But as we were leaving Brandon noticed that Weird Al was playing at the main stage. He really wanted to go see Weird All, he has been talking about it since spring. So we sat on the grass and listened for a minute. For a minute of course turning into the entire concert.

Cotton candy!

Its a bird! Its a plane! No! Its SUPER CHELS!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pizza Planet

Tough guy, eh?
We went to Pizza Planet today. I know it not called that but I'm sticking with it. Everything about the place reminds me of Pizza Planet in Toy Story.

Chelsea loves the candy crane machine

 We had a ton of fun, we always do there. We played tons of games and ate tons of food. We also played laser tag. Always a highlight for us! Zach and Brandon were going to race the go carts but they raised the height requirements for them so now Zach cant go until he is a little bigger. (so next week...)


Chelsea with Coco

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal

Play area
Play area

Zach got battleships with his points

Ice cream and dessert pizza

Chelsea got a skunk

September 11

I was telling the kids about 9/11 the other day and ended up in tears. Its amazing how something that happened a decade ago, and really had to direct effect on me, can still bring me to tears. So many people lost so much that day. And brave people stepped in to help, many of them losing their own lives.

Making cookies

Making cookies
 So, we decided we wanted to do something to mark the day. Something kind. We decided to make cookies for firemen. 
Making cookies

All the extras in the cookies. =)
 Me and the kids spent hours making cookies. Of course by that I mean the helped mix the first batch and went to play. We figure that if we are making cookies for special people they better be special cookies. So we made Crystals Super Special Extra Fantastic Very Awesome Cookies. Yeah, they are that good!
6 dozen cookies take awhile 6 cookies a a time

Making pictures for the firemen
 The kids made pictures to take to the firemen thanking them for being there if we ever need them. It was super sweet. I love the pictures. 
Making pictures for the firemen

Zachs pictures

Chelseas pictures

cookies ready to go

We first went to the Millcreek Fire station. Because they are the ones that would respond if anything happened at our house. We planned on dropping the cookies and leaving but Tim answered the door and offered to show the kids around. Cant turn down an offer like that! 
Millcreek Fire Station. Tim took us on a tour.

Tim gave the kids hats

Let them try on gear
 Tim showed us the truck and their gear. Then took us on a tour of the station. 

Checking out the hose

Tim was pretty awesome!
Tim the fireman and the kids

Chelsea going down the fire pole with JJ at the Murray Station
 Next we went Murray Fire Station because that is where Uncle Steve works. He wasn't there today but they guys who were there were happy for the cookies and also invited us in. JJ, Uncle Steves best friend, took Chelsea down the pole TWO times. 
Steve took us for a RIDE in the fire truck! Zach got to ride up front and run the siren!!

On a fire truck ride.
 Another fireman named Steve asked if we had ever been for a ride in the firetruck. We had not. So he took us out! It was pretty exciting! He let Zach sit up front with him and even let him do the siren for a minute (in the parking lot)
On a fire truck ride.

On a fire truck ride.

Zach is WAY up front!

Chelsea asked to go down the pole one more time
before leaving
 We had a lot of fun with the firemen today. I told my kids, this just goes to show, if you do nice thing for people they will do nice things for you! 
JJ, Zach, Chelsea and Steve

We also took cookies to Frank and Papa Ted. Our very favorite service men. I want to thank all the service men and women. All the firefighters and all the police out there. Today is a great day to remember everything they put on the line for us every single day when they go to work. Its no small sacrifice.