Saturday, February 26, 2011


Zach went to CCNS for preschool and I could never say enough about how wonderful it was. He thrived there, it was an amazing experience for him and me. I think it got us both ready for the way we hope his education will continue to be. I loved being involved and he had a wonderful class and a fantastic teacher. It was everything I could ever ask for in a preschool.

Chelsea started there this year and it is a very different experience. She was very excited to start and I was SO excited for her to have the same super beginning her brother did. I even made ALL of our friends sign up there. But it hasn't been as wonderful for Chelsea. I think its still an amazing school and I would still recommend it to anyone looking for a preschool. I cant pinpoint exactly why it hasn't worked for us this year. I don't know if its because they have a new director, we are very good friends with the last director. The new director and board staff seem to have changed a lot of things. Or if it is the class, most of them are on the very young end of the deadline and 2 or 3 that is a big difference. Or if it is that the teacher seems disengaged this year. She has told me that her other classes are testing her this year. Maybe its just the combination of everything. Maybe its just that its not the right school for Chelsea. Just because it was so perfect for Zach does not make it right for Chelsea.

So, I took Chelsea to lunch today, after a very frustrating field trip, and I talked to her about it. I asked if she loved school or if she wanted to stay home with me until next year when she can start her new school. She said she wanted to stay home. Honestly, it wouldn't be a big difference. She basically goes on her co-op days anymore and thats it.

We did find her a new school for next year that seems more Chelsea-suited. Its a preschool located inside of a dance studio, she would start the day with a dance or tumbling class then spend the rest of the time in an academic preschool. We took her in to see it and she is very excited. She is very into anything dance lately. Her favorite line is "should I twirl?"

I really wish CCNS had been a better fit for her. I'm beyond disappointed. It was my <3 school. I could not say anything bad about it. And I still don't think its the school. Its just how it works sometimes. I have to do what is right for my baby though. I know it seems silly but I don't want her to begin her education in a place she is indifferent about. CCNS helped Zach love school, I owe it to Chelsea to find the place that does that for her.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I'm so lame. I want to blog about something and I cant think of anything to blog about. I have no "thing" in my life that seems so extra-special that it deserves its own blog. I could blog about my kids school, since its all I seem to do anymore. Honestly, I think I spend more time in school now then when I was actually in school. Thats really not so hard, I didn't LOVE school. I regret that now, I wish I had taken advantage of learning so much when it was free. No one tells you that after you are 18 you have to pay to learn ANYTHING new. I could blog about how my kids don't sleep. Its 1 am and my daughter just walked out of the bedroom and asked for nachos.  In fact, I could blog about how I don't sleep! But really, who wants to read about that?? I'm bored just thinking about that blog. How about that Chelsea hasn't worn a diaper in a week? We ran out of diapers and I wouldn't buy her more. Even though she was not at all potty trained. She has only had 3 accidents in the last week. Shes doing good with it.

So there ya go. I figured out what to blog about. My daughter wants nachos and is wearing big girl panties. May not be exciting but I sure do love my life!

**Cuz I'm cool like that, thats how I roll**  (totally should have blogged about the guy at Costco who made this my new favorite line, maybe next time.)