Monday, February 21, 2011


I'm so lame. I want to blog about something and I cant think of anything to blog about. I have no "thing" in my life that seems so extra-special that it deserves its own blog. I could blog about my kids school, since its all I seem to do anymore. Honestly, I think I spend more time in school now then when I was actually in school. Thats really not so hard, I didn't LOVE school. I regret that now, I wish I had taken advantage of learning so much when it was free. No one tells you that after you are 18 you have to pay to learn ANYTHING new. I could blog about how my kids don't sleep. Its 1 am and my daughter just walked out of the bedroom and asked for nachos.  In fact, I could blog about how I don't sleep! But really, who wants to read about that?? I'm bored just thinking about that blog. How about that Chelsea hasn't worn a diaper in a week? We ran out of diapers and I wouldn't buy her more. Even though she was not at all potty trained. She has only had 3 accidents in the last week. Shes doing good with it.

So there ya go. I figured out what to blog about. My daughter wants nachos and is wearing big girl panties. May not be exciting but I sure do love my life!

**Cuz I'm cool like that, thats how I roll**  (totally should have blogged about the guy at Costco who made this my new favorite line, maybe next time.)

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Coco said...

My princess is doing AWESOME!!! She dragged me to the bathroom three times at the shower!!

And you are cool like that!! :-)