Monday, January 30, 2012

One of my favorite shows

So, how much can you say about a tv show? I see a weak blog post in our futures.... ohhhh....

One of my favorite TV shows is....

Scrubs!  Its so dang funny. Its been my favorite for longer then I can remember. I can turn just about anything into a Scrubs reference. I quote it a lot. I know the lines from most episodes. I used to watch it every night after the kids went to bed but they moved it from 10 to 11 and its hard to justify staying up until midnight for reruns. 

This used to be my ringtone.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

How important I think education is

This is funny. Because my views are so split. For me, I never thought education was the slightest bit important. I hated school, I hated being there, I hated the classes. I hated it. I never saw any importance for myself. I tried taking different college courses but I never stuck with them. I couldn't see it going anywhere. I guess not knowing what I wanted to do when I grew up made me never have any drive for my education. I wish I thought it was important for me but just cant seem to find the reason. Even now.

Now for my kids, its a whole different story. I think it is wildly important for them. We base everything around their schooling. Even their extra curriculars I have school in the back of my mind. 'if he learns basketball now, he will be good at it and make the team in high school and will have to keep his grades up to stay on the team and he will have built in friends so he wont feel like an outcast like I did so he will be happy to walk into the school doors!' Same with Chelsea and dance. Or any of the other things they like. Anything that will help them want to be there. That is a big part. So far they are both amazing. They love school, they have lots of friends, they look forward to going. I think it is amazing and everything I hope for. I hope they keep it up. 

I have much higher hopes for my kids then I ever had for myself. I want them to have an idea of who they want to be in the world and to have the means to be it. 

~~ Today Brandon and I were talking about college savings accounts for the kids and he said 'we really don't need one for Chelsea. She is obviously going to get a debate scholarship!' Made me giggle. ~~