Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beach day!

I'm pretty behind in posting this. My computer has been giving me some fits but it seems to be working now!

Our last day in New Orleans we drove about an hour and a half to Gulf Port Mississippi. It was the day that Chelsea was REALLY looking forward to. BEACH DAY!  Chelsea is like me, salt water in her veins. She just wanted to be at the beach. We had an awesome time. When we drove up we could see an area that was a sandbar so we set up there. We were able to walk out for ages without it going past our knees. Which was great for both my water-nervous boy and my fearless girl.

Finally at the beach!


Got right into the important stuff. Building stuff with sand!

Dad helped too.

Always need a moat. 

Floating around! 

Pink floatie build for 2!

The boys built a crabby castle. 

Comfy lady

I stinkin' love this one! 

I literally had to drag him but I got him out in the water for a few minutes. 

Time to go!


Coco said...

I think it's funny that now you have salt water in your veins. When we went on our Carribean cruise you wouldn't even go in the water. Now you snorkle and paddle board and float and all sorts of stuff. I love it very much!!!

Coco said...

OK - so I just looked at the pictures originally on the blog. And when you said Crabby Castle, I didn't notice that there were REAL CRABS on the castle. What I wanna know is - - - were they alive?? Because they looked rather dead.

Crystal said...

I wouldn't go in the water because I was a chicken. It took me a long time to stop being a chicken, then I discovered I love the ocean. =) AND the crabs were dead. Zach kept finding dead crabs so he made them the soldiers.

Coco said...

Oh my hell!!! I can't believe he was finding all those dead crabs. AND I just have to say - I love the picture of Chelsea at the edge of the water - so classic of her. And I love hte sand castle pictures.