Sunday, May 27, 2012


With the less then ideal weather this long weekend I had to think of something to do outside of the house. My kids were going a little stir-crazy. We already went to a movie yesterday and I wanted something a little more fun. Zach has been talking about bowling so I thought we would give it a shot. We went to Bonwood Bowling (3 games and shoes for $7!) for the afternoon. It was a BLAST. I wasn't sure how the kids would do for 3 games and honestly never expected we would stay through them all. But they were loving it. Zach was pretty good and Chelsea was pretty hilarious. Her ball just STOPPED a couple of times.





Chelsea, somehow makes it look quite 50s

My mad bowling skills

Game 1 

Chelsea learned about bowling alley nachos,
similar but not the same as gas station nachos. 

game 2

Snack break!

game 3

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