Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Day

The hay ride. Chelsea was nervous

Just a little nervous. 

Ohhh! Dracula! 

Chelsea loved the kitty. Kept petting it. 


Dead end! Dang it! 

We went to the pumpkin  patch today. We went to the one at Wheeler Farm because they had a hay maze and Zach LOVES a hay maze. We did the hay ride, which freaked Chelsea out some. Then did the maze, just let the kids lead and followed where ever they went. Then we ended up in the pumpkin patch. 

Witchy witchy 

Cutest family in the hay maze

Thumbs up at the end. 

My ghosts

Pumpkin patch princess 
We each picked out a perfect pumpkin and headed home. We got pumpkin pizza and punk'n beer on our way. And stopped at Redbox and got Captain America, just to make sure none of us are commies. 

My big guy
Those some mighty fine pumpkin you have there, sir. 

Brandon says surgery would be necessary here...

Right where they belong

My pretty pumpkin
Pumpkin pizza

Punk'n beer

What a way to end the night, snuggling a sleeping princess. <3


La Dayna said...

Hey!! we had pumpkin pizza the other night too!! After we carved our pumpkins.

Glad y'all had fun @ the patch.

Crystal said...

Everyone has already carved theirs. I worry so much about them being mush by halloween I make us wait. My poor kidlets.