Saturday, October 29, 2011


Most everyone we know has already carved their pumpkins but I made my family wait. I didn't want their work to be mush before trick-or-treating. Brandon was home for a minute yesterday so we went ahead and carved them.

Get it!

EW! Mom its so gross! 

The tongue! 

Cut cut carve

Chelseas finished product


Zach's super awesome jack-o-lantern 

So proud

Chelsea's is a witch

Still working on his......

Brandons finished
The kids did a great job. I bought them sticker faces to put on and carve around.

Chelsea was pretty excited by them but Zach wanted to make his own face. Chelsea was a little disheartened that she would be the only one using the stickers so I told her I would also.  They did a great job. They did their own gutting, Zach did all of his own carving. Chelsea needed some help. They did awesome. Chelsea seemed to feel bad after. She kept trying to put hers back together. =)

Gotta have some carving tunes.  

Batch 1. 

An awful pic. I didn't realize but its all I have of batch 2. 

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