Saturday, October 29, 2011

Star Wars Day

Zach with a clone trooper 
Today the kids and I went to Murray Library for their Star Wars day. Zach is a HUGE Star Wars fan. This was an exciting day for him.
Chelsea was nervous of the Star Wars guys 

With Jango Fett

With Darth Vader and some other guy

Kids with a sand trooper. Zach was really excited for the sand trooper. 

Anikin Skywalker
I like Star Wars too but more of a in passing way. Zach is die hard Star Wars. He has always been pretty all or nothing though. It started with Cars and has worked its way up, right now its Star Wars and Superheros. Most of the boys in his class like Superheros and Star Wars but none to the extent he does.  
With Captain Rex

With a storm trooper

So today was very exciting for Zach. Chelsea thought it was neat but she was pretty nervous. To begin with she wouldn't get anywhere near the characters. Then someone offered to take pics for us so I could go with her. After that she would go with Zach but you notice he is always between her and the guy and she is sucked up pretty close to him. Good thing she has such a sweet protective brother!

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