Monday, October 31, 2011

My Halloween Princess

 Happy 4th Birthday to my favorite girly in the whole wide world! I cant believe she is 4 years old. Lets take a look back at how she was and how she will probably always be. =)

Adored by all the best guys

Close to her brother

A bit of an attitude

Knows ALL of the best pirates



A snow angel 


A piggy 
Cool with Santa
A great driver. 
Loves her daddy

A phone hog

Thinks her Papa is silly! 

Eggstra fantastic

Did I mention a piggy?

A beach bum

Animal lover


Always loved NACHOS! 

A drink thief 

Happy Birthday beautiful princess. I adore you and cant wait to see what all of the tomorrows pictures will bring. <3 <3 <3

I wanted to add her birthday poster for school.


Coco said...

HEY!!!! You forgot, "loves her COCO very, very much!!!"...j/k - I hope my princess had the very best birthday ever!!!!

Crystal said...

I know, I'm sorry! I spent hours going through my old pics. Only made it to 2009 before I ran out of steam. I was planning on putting a lot more but wanted to finish before her next birthday. =D