Friday, November 4, 2011


I haven't gone through Chelseas birthday pics at all yet. I have never mastered the art of bouncy house photos so I figured they weren't worth much time. But since I have about 10 minutes to sit down I figured I would give them a quick run through. 

First shot of the day, Chelseas face plant. 

Beach and I bouncing

"I want to wear ALL WHITE to my party! Then
I will look like a sheep!" 

Coco and Gramma Great

Chelseas cake

Birthday girl with Ezri and Zach. 

Super cool card from Uncle Raja and Aunt Rustie

Opening gifts

Filled my car up with her awesome gifts. 

I want to thank everyone who came! It meant a lot to me and Chelsea. I was pretty upset before her party about the number of last minute cancellations I got but we managed to have a WONDERFUL time. And everyone there made her feel so special for her birthday. Thank you! 

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Coco said...

It was so much fun and there were so many kids there!! I am glad it turned out as well as it did!!!!