Sunday, November 13, 2011


I haven't posted in awhile because we haven't done anything in awhile. I had one of my more massive migranes that took me out of the game for a few days. I missed out on Papas birthday dinner because of it. Thats not even true. Papa and Coco changed their plans to have dinner with us on Papas birthday. I spent the first bit of it in the bathroom being sick then took myself to the car while they finished dinner. I felt so awful about that. I still do. I hope he had a good birthday regardless of me. 

Now I am feeling better and Zach is down with a massive cold. I hate for my kidlets to get sick. He has handled it pretty well. I have kept his dosed up on meds for it. Yesterday I accidentally gave him nightime meds all day instead of day time. I don't know how it didn't knock him out cold. It did knock him down to 'regular' kid instead of super crazy hyper kid. But I don't think I will try it again. I am super hoping he feels better by morning. He HATES missing school but I might have to make him. 

So we have been having some downtime. We have watched a bunch of movies and hung out at home. We watched Thor the other day (to be ready for The Avengers!) Now we have started on The Lord of the Rings. I love this series. The kids and I watched the Fellowship while Brandon was out of town. Today we watched Two Towers. Brandon was a little lost, I don't know if he has ever seen any of them to be honest. But Two Towers is such a good movie that it really doesn't even matter if you saw the first one. We were all enthralled. Zach had just loved the series. Its really fun to watch with him. When Gandolf falls in the Fellowship, Zach is sitting with tears running down his face and Chelsea chimes in "Uh-oh spaghettio's!" Zach is really an all or nothing guy. He loves it or doesn't care. And he has loved LOTR. I've totally raised him right! When we are done with Rings we are moving on to Pirates, think he will recognize Legolas as Will Turner?


Coco said...

I am very impressed that he is into Lord Of The Rings like that. I think that is pretty amazing. I would suggest reading The Hobbit and then the rings series, but, it may still be ahead of him. Never know, though, since he absolutely has been so involved in the movies.

Can hardly wait to see how Pirates goes.

Crystal said...

The books are pretty drawn out, I don't know if he could do the books. I had a hard time getting through them as an adult. I don't think we will do them for awhile. The Hobbit is a neat book, I was trying to give him the back story some about Bilbo.

He really likes Aragon. That is his favorite guy.

Coco said...

I liked Aragon, too. The movie version. HACHACHACHACHA!! Sweaty, dirty, greasy. YUM!!