Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bug on the loose? Mom will catch it!

The day that Zach came home from school and told me that his bestest bud who sits next to him in class was sick I knew what was going to happen. Zach would be next and then he would pass it on to the person closest to him. The person who's face he touches all of the time, the person who's water bottle he drinks out of whenever they aren't looking, the person who's bed he climbs in when he wakes up coughing, the person who's lap he climbs into when it gets to be too much. Guess who?

Yup, I am now sick also. Zach missed his school today, he has been trying to hard not to but today when he woke up he asked if he could stay home. Since it was the first time he has asked, ever, I said yes. So he and I have been having a sick day. Brandon and Chelsea have been out having a grand day and Zach and I have been loafing about in our pjs. Brandon even stepped in for me with SEP conferences. Minus the S. Now he and Chels are off to dinner with his parents, who are in town today.  He was good enough to bring home stuff for chicken noodle soup first. Zach and I have that cooking right now (our first go at substitute chicken, hope it works out) when it is ready we are going to eat soup in front of the TV and watch the final Lord of the Rings. When you are sick you get to do awesome stuff like eat dinner in front of the TV. See, there are perks to being the person your kids want when they are sick! 

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