Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day out

On Sunday, after a long Thanksgiving weekend, I decided my kids needed to get out of the house for a bit. So we left Brandon on the couch watching football and headed to the aquarium. We love the aquarium. We used to go about once a week. I think we had a bit of aquarium burnout though. We haven't been in a couple of months. So we decided to head over. 

Seeing if she would survive as a salmon. ~she didn't~  

Spin the salmon wheel of luck! ~he lived!~

Chelsea adores the jellyfish. Its her favorite exhibit. 

Zach favorite has always been the stingrays. 

Checking out a hermit crab at the bio-facts station. 

Always, ALWAYS need a picture in the boat!

"Its so tickly when I touch these!"

I love the tiny alligators. 

Did you know they are getting OTTERS!

We had a great time. Took about all of the same pics I take every time! I got the kids some sea life stencils that have been the basis of some pretty awesome art the last couple of days.

Did you know they are getting otters?!? I am so excited about that. I adoooooore otters! I have a story why, wanna hear it? ;)

By the way, I started a second blog, if anyone is interested. Its just the stuff my kids say that I want to have documented somewhere. You can find it HERE.

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