Sunday, December 4, 2011

Basketball Saturday

Had to have curlers for her recital later

Working on dribbling (not his strong area)

He is a pretty great shooter

I just love this pic!

Watching iCarly

Found an iCarly buddy

Zach started basketball again. He really likes basketball but hes only 6 and not so great at it.

He was pretty excited because he knew some of the kids on his team already. One of the boys was on his team last year and one of the girls was on his t-ball team a couple of years ago and also goes to his school.

He did a great job for his first day. He has a bit of a social problem though. He would rather be silly with his new pals then learn from his coach. He tends to forget to pay attention. We will have to work on that. And dribbling, we definitely need to work on dribbling.  

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