Sunday, December 4, 2011

Festival of Trees

In Grammas wheelchair

Hair goes POOF!
Chelsea was performing at the Festival of Trees this year. I love the Festival of Trees. I think it is beautiful. I was really excited she would be dancing there.

'Hey mom, can we borrow your credit card for a minute??'

Barbie tree

Superman tree
 We went early to see the trees before her performance. I vowed not to read any of the stories on of the trees because the make me bawl. So my mom filled me in on a few and made me bawl anyway.
 Dance tree

Gramma, can I sit on your lap??

Cutesy jammie girl

Chelsea's class did really great. It was adorable. I didn't get a video because it was pretty packed so I could barely see anyway. But she performs the same dance again this week and I will video that. When she was done we looked at a couple more trees but she was tired and hungry and wanted to go home. So I took my adorable dancer and my sweet basketball star, bought some pizza and took them home to watch Spy Kids 3. It was a fantastic day.
Me and my favorite girl

With a couple of girls from her class

10 seconds of stage fright. 

With Miss Shawna


Some effect thing

Purple hair

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