Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ER visit

After a week of awful stomach pains I decided to take Zach to the ER at Primary Childrens. We did have a visit to the pediatrician but it felt rushed and I didn't agree with the diagnose. I did do what the pediatrician said but it wasn't helping. And I couldn't take anymore of Zachs howling. It was heartbreaking.

So here we are at Primary's. His entry examination was basically the same as his entire exam in the office. Then we sat down with the doctor and answered a bunch of questions. After that he have a urine sample, he had never peed in a cup before so that was kinda weird for him. Next was an IV because he was super dehydrated. They drew blood when they did the IV, same poke, I've never seen that before. Zach didn't like the IV, to put it mildly. He sobbed and cried. It was pretty awful. The tech took him to pick a prize and some stickers after, it still sucked but not as bad after that.

He got xrays done and had all of his fluids checked. The final answer was we aren't completely sure but it looks like he had a virus then got super dehydrated. After the IV he looked a lot better and felt a lot better.
Now we are headed home and he is feeling better for now. I'm really glad that I took him in. I can't imagine what would have happened if I had kept him on a laxative until the end of the week. Hopefully he is taken care of but we don't know for sure. Only time will tell but I have high hopes.

Dont mind the crummy pictures, I only had my phone and apparently the photos aren't awesome from it.

All checked in
So scared for the IV
First xray ever
Watching TV while waiting out the IV

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Coco said...

The pictures broke my heart. I am just streaming tears looking at that poor kiddo getting that IV. So, so, so sad. My poor buddy!!! He looked so much better when he was here. Papa said he could see a big improvement from even Saturday when he was actually acting like he felt so much better. I hope the IV did what it was supposed to do and he is just better. Kisses to you and to him.