Thursday, January 26, 2012

Highs and lows of the last year

I have not been looking forward to this one. I do not want to revisit my lows.

Lets start with HIGHS. 

First thing that comes to mind...

Winning the Urban Challenge with La Dayna. We worked our tails off for that race. We put a lot of energy into it. When they announced the winners and we didn't get 2nd or 3rd I truly believed we just didn't quite make it. Winning first place was unexpected. I am still so proud of us for that. It wasn't easy but we came out on top. After so much energy into it, it was hard when it was over. I felt a bit empty. Now it is coming up again soon and I am getting excited for it! Did I mention we leave in 6 days for our grand prize trip?? A week in Akumal Mexico! Wooo!

Next high was taking my kids to DisneyLand. I have wanted to for so long. It was really exciting to go. It was really magical!

My brothers wedding. It was emotional. I adore my brother and I am glad he found someone who makes him so happy! 

Those are the big things. There are millions other things. We have done so many fun things this year, there is no way I could list all my highs. 

As for my lows, well, I had to deal with some things from my past and had to deal with people (mostly Brandon) learning some of my deep deep secrets. It was unexpected and it knocked me into a deep dark hole for longer then I would like to admit. In the end, it may be better that it came out. It let me deal with it a little bit. But I still wish that it hadn't come out.