Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My views on mainstream music

I love it. I love all music. It all has a time and a place. I'm rarely in a time or place for rap but other then that I like it all. I have sirius so I can listen to a lot of different types of music. Sometime I get a bit behind. I just pulled up the 5 songs right now... 

#1 right now. Its ok, don't love it don't dislike it. If its on, I don't change the station but I don't seek it out. 

#2. I really like this song. I really like Bruno Mars a lot. 

#3. I love Katy Perry. I think she is fantastic. And I really like this song. 

#4. One of my favorites right now! I say 'I work out!' all the time. 

#5. Gives me a good feeling! =)

So there ya go. I like mainstream music. I do think its all pretty similar and I have this whole rant about how if you are different you don't get a chance anymore. If Johnny Cash or Elvis wandered in today they would be turned away. Or turned into bubble gum stuff. That makes me really sad. But that is why I make sure to listen to stuff outside the mainstream also.

By the way, I think this is the dumbest day so far. 

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