Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Your Current Relationship

Day 1 and I am behind. Well, not yet. I have exactly half an hour to get this in before I miss my deadline. Way to cut it close!

Day 1 is your current relationship. I am pretty lucky in this area. I have been married to a great man for nearly 7 years. 

We met online, which is becoming more cool now but 8 years ago it wasn't so cool. I worked a lot, at night. I didn't know where to go to find someone. My friend Tami told me about a dating website she was on and told me I should try it. I was... hesitant. I looked at it a bit but not too closely. There was 1 guy on there that caught my eye but I couldn't get myself to sign up just yet. Right about this time one of my moms friends offered to set me up with a guy that worked in their building. I went out with him a few times but it didn't work out. After that I thought about that dating website again. And I thought about that 1 guy I saw on there, I wondered if he was still there. So I pulled it up and checked it out. He happened to still be on there. So I signed up and sent him an email with the subject line "if you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain" luckily he got it (or was smart enough to google it, I haven't ever asked) after talking on the computer for a few weeks we went to lunch. 

We started spending a lot of time together after that. I had to adjust to his ridiculous work schedule, that was probably our biggest hurdle. After we had been dating for awhile we took a trip to San Francisco. It was my first time visiting there. We went to the pier, alcatraz, china town, golden gate bridge (I can see it, we can walk there...), all over. Then one of the days I got really sick on BART. We got off and I said I need a bathroom NOW! We move toward the exit and he asks where the nearest restroom is and is told its on the other side of the station, you have to exit and reenter to get there. So I run to a trash can AND false alarm. So I turn to leave and vomit allllll over the train station. I am mortified and this guy asks me "Hey, what did you eat that was red??" UGH. 

The next day I'm not feeling very well still and we decide to have an easy day. We take our rental car and drive to Monterey. On the way he got himself KFC, to this day I still cant stand the smell of the Colonel. We spent the day at the aquarium there and cannery row. It was amazing. After the aquarium we found a nice spot by the bay and sat there for ages watching an otter crack open clams with a rock. There was a shark that kept swimming through and we would watch the otter then he would disappear then we would see the shark then the shark would disappear and the otter would come back. It was so fun. We sat there at the bay and watched them as the sun went down. That was the exact moment I KNEW I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this man.

We did later discover that it wasn't motion sickness but a little hitchhiker that caused me to vomit like that. I was already pregnant with Zach then. =)

A few months later I was living with him in his house and pregnant with his little baby and Brandon spent a day acting really weird. We went to Trolley Square and out to eat and I was all freaked out the entire day trying to figure out what his deal was. After we got home he was having issues with his computer and he wasn't handling it very well. So I told him to let me sit down and I would take care of it. He left the room and I thought man alive, he does not deal with computer problems well. He came back a couple minutes later and as I was fixing his virus he opened a ring box that had a 50 cent blinky ring in it and asked me to marry him. My response was not so kind. I pushed him over and told him to shut up. It was a beautiful moment. I very honestly thought he was screwing with me and I didn't think it was funny. He wasn't sure what to say or do at that point. He stammered and stuttered for a minute and then said Umm... I'm serious. 

Of course, I said yes and I am very happy to be married to him still. I can not imagine choosing anyone else to spend my life with. We have time where we just cant stand each other. We have times that make us question our choices and our sanity. But overall, we are a strong couple and spend most of our time happy with our choice in each other. 

I love you Brandon Walker! 


Coco said...

I had to google the lyrics. But, that was sweet. I never knew all the details about how your found that boy - but, I like it!!

And, it made me a little weepy - - and of course, I loved the otter picture!!!

Crystal said...

The funny this is, I was writing about the otter and Brandon was reading his email and got that pic and sent it to me WHILE I was writing it. It was kismet. =)