Thursday, January 12, 2012

My top 5 pet peeves

1. Politics/Religion. This is my numero uno. We live in a beautiful country founded on the belief that we get to make choices. Choices that make us happy. People then take those choices and make them ugly. They use them to make themselves feel better then someone else. Use them to decide who their friends are. The choice is there for you to make for you. Not so you can make everyone you know think and believe the way you believe. See that people have different thoughts and feelings for things and realize that thats what makes us all stronger. Dont argue and call names over who someone voted for, that is ridiculous.

2. Whining. Can not stand whining. Use your big kid voice! Grr!

3. Lateness. This one makes me crazy. Not in other people, I can wait on other people. In myself. I hate hate hate to be late. And I happen to married to a man who is not very capable of being on time. I get flustered and crazy when we are late. Its not pretty. I seem to have passed this on to Zach. Of all my crazy, its one I'm ok sharing with him. Every day on the way to school he asks 'am I going to be late??' and he hasn't been yet!

4. When someone doesn't say thank you when a door is held open for them. Seriously people, one word, thanks. Not so tough. And not even just for the door. If someone is nice, appreciate it. At least smile. Makes me doubly mad when my kids are holding doors for people and they don't say thank you.

5. Blame. Not every one of your problems is someone elses fault. Sometimes life sucks and its hard to get past but if you sit and think about everyone that messed it up for you, you wont get past it.

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