Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Zodiac sign and if it fits my personality

The name derives from Latin, meaning literally, the crab.
LOVE IT! Love this question! YAY!

First off, lemme say, everything is about my sign. This blog you are reading is Crabby Mamma because crabs represent my sign. I have a crab tattoo. Crabby Mamma is my username for pretty much everything. Short answer, yeah I think it fits me. Now, I'm going to say that I don't read horoscopes. I don't go for all of the stuff that goes along with it. But I do think that the description describes me. And I think that if there was someone who could ACTUALLY read all of the stars and all that then they could tell me something. But I have some lingering doubt as to the guy in the broom closet at the newpaper.

Basic Trait: I FEEL...

That couldn't describe me more. I always FEEL. Sometime I feel like I sound like I have spent my life in tv therapy because I say it so often. I will always tell you how I FEEL.

One of the basic characteristics of a Cancerian is that he is very prone to mood swings, which are matched by changing emotions. At one point of time, you may have seen him in a typical party mood, enjoying himself and laughing at other people's jokes. He may come across as the most extroverted member in the entire group. However, another time, he may be completely introverted, sitting in a corner and lost in his own world. This single personality trait can help you in identifying a Cancer very easily. 

So true. I find it impossible to hide my moods. I have never understood how to do it. If I'm upset, everyone knows. If I am happy, I'm completely happy. Its all or nothing when it comes to my emotional balance. 

A Cancerian will never run behind fame and publicity, but if he ever gets it, he definitely knows how to bask in the limelight.

HA. Totally true. I have no dreams of being famous. But if I get the chance for a minute I totally love it. (newspaper article anyone?) Although, I do want to go on the Amazing Race. But not to be famous, because I want to do the cool crap they get to do.

When he cries, it is because he is deeply hurt from inside. A harsh glance or a rough tone can easily break Cancer's vulnerable heart.


Past intrigues them and they love to collect antiques, old treasures and ancient relics. They are the perfect keepers of secrets and people automatically confide in them.

 I love learning about the past, it comes to life for me when I hear a story. I love to know the history of everything. And people tell me their secrets a lot. I figure its because I forget my own history so they know I wont remember theirs. =)

However, their own thoughts and secrets are strictly off limits for everyone. A typical cancer will never discuss his personal life with anyone. 

Probably the truest thing about me on this list. I will be a vessel for all of your secrets but you will probably never hear mine. Ever. 

Compassion and intuition gel perfectly with the Cancer profile. He seldom judges people, just soaks up what comes his way and reflects the same. 

I feel like it sounds a bit conceited of me but I think I am a very compassionate person. In fact, I tend to be a bleeding heart. I want to fix the world. I told Brandon once that I wish I had joined the peace corp when I was younger. His reply was, good thing you didn't, you never would have come home again. First cause you found would have had you the rest of your life. And its true, I get so wound up in it. I want to right every wrong. As for the judgement, I don't judge. Thats not true, everyone judges. I work at not judging and I don't judge much. Everyone is different, its one of my favorite things in this world. I don't want everyone to be like me so it makes it easy not to judge them for who they are. 

Cancerian loves, rather reveres, his home and his loved ones. Too much is not even enough for him. He needs more, more security, more love and more care. Insecurity may lead him to depression and weaken him physically. However, Cancerians have this amazing quality of self-healing. All they require is happiness, optimism and laughter in large doses. 

Saying I love happiness, optimism and laughter seems a bit strange. I mean, doesn't everyone? I guess maybe I rely on it more then the average person though. 

Attached to familyEmotional
EmpatheticMay be indecisive at times

I am all of these things. I have all of the strengths and the weaknesses that go with my zodiac sign. I am happy with who it makes me. 

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