Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bullet your whole day

8 am drag myself out of bed after staying at la daynas too late and having to finish pirate cookies when i got home. Yawn.

815 am coloring fondant and making pirates to put on zachs cake. Big project that i put off too long.

10 am shower time! Ahhh.

1047 am running out the door for basketball. Late and with wet hair.

1104 am basketball game.

Noon leave basketball head to Costco.

1215 pm Costco for cake, hot dogs and chips.

1230 pm home to make hot chocolate.

1250 pm head to the park for zachs party.


200 pm cake

230 pm pinata. I was freeeeeeeezing! Kids were leaving toys behind because their hands were so cold.

300 pm home! Change out of wet cold clothes. Get Chelsea in a warm bath. Make Zach change clothes before
opening gifts.

305 pm open Zachs gifts. He asked for animal shelter donations instead of gifts. Got $208 in cash and boxes and bags of food, treats and toys.

345 pm sitting on the couch in jammies.

415 pm discuss going to the super hero place for dinner (aka Nacho Libre)

420 pm realize its snowing and we are in pjs and don't really want to go out to dinner. Brandon says he will go pick up dinner and we can have a movie night! Yay!

500 pm still haven't decided where to get dinner from. Brandon got a new toy and is more interested in it then dinner. Silly boys.

526 pm Brandon is off getting dinner and I am reading other peoples blogs and feeling guilty that I didn't do my challenge yesterday. Going to have 2 today.

550 pm dishing up dragon diner. Yum yum!

556 pm  the great remote search

557 pm start watching Indiana Jones

608 pm pause for a happy birthday call for Zach. He is mighty popular.

633 pm Chelsea is playing with animals instead of watching the movie. Makes me smile.

851 pm Eating another pirate cookie. I really need to stop.

900 pm Writing up my post for Zachs birthday. And finishing off this one! G'night all!

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