Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My favorite childhood toys

Oh my heavens! I almost forgot today! Its such an easy, light topic that I haven't spent the day thinking about what I was going to say so I just didn't think about it at all I guess! AHH!

Anyway, my favorite childhood toys... 3 come to mind immediately. So they are obviously my favorites!

First was Blushy. Ohh I adored her. I got her for Christmas one year. She was the prettiest thing. She was a rag doll with a red velvet dress. And bright pink cheeks. I cant even describe how beautiful she was. I still have her actually, in a box in our storage room. I kept very few of my toys but I could never give her up. Sadly, her hair is a big tangled mess. I don't know how to fix it and it makes me sad. If anyone knows how, lemme know!

 Next was Alphie. He was this stinkin' cute little robot guy. He came with a set of cards so you could play different games with him. He was really fun. My brother and sister adored him too. They took him into the tub with them. He never worked right after that. I have fond memories of Alphie. And when playschool rereleased him, I got one for Chelsea. Now she loves him too!

 After Alphie took a swim I got a PC Pal. Now that was cool! Could play so many different games and make music and so many things. That was awesome. 

I just realized how old I am so I'm going to go now. 

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