Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankful day 3

Today I am thankful for a break! October was very hectic for me and its not quite done yet. I have my baby girls birthday party tomorrow and I have been putting a lot of time into making it great for her. I have been a bit overwhelmed, to put it mildly. So when Brandon asked if I wanted to watch a movie, instead of saying I was way to busy I said SURE! And I only let myself do one chore while I watched. =)

I still have a lot to do. I probably should have been decorating and moving furniture like I planned but it will get done tomorrow. And if my house isn't perfect at least I know the people who are coming love me enough to not care too much!

**adding** I'm also thankful for being in the right place at the right time. I was dropping stuff off at the thrift store and the person before me had donated a pair of the most beautiful floor lamps. I was able to talk the loading guy into putting them onto the sales floor for me. People in the store were literally trying to steal them from me as I was going to pay for them (by the way, they were a steal!) They are now in my living room and fantastic! They weigh like 500 pounds each and have Tiffany type shades. I am so happy about them.

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Coco said...

Those freaking lamps are so amazing!!!! I can't believe it!!! You got the deal of the century.