Sunday, November 4, 2012

5 cool things

Today we are celebrating the birthday of the coolest chick I know. In celebrations I am going to tell you 5 cool things about Chelsea!

1. She loves anime. If she picks a movie at the library I have to remember to switch it from Japanese to English. But if I don't, she will sit and watch it in Japanese. I am pretty sure its the giant eyes that make her a fan. 
2. She loves to wear socks that don't match. Preferably knee-highs. And always with a skirt or dress so everyone can see. To be honest, its really rare for her to be wearing anything that's not a skirt or dress. She will pair her mismatched socks with a groovy hat and head out for the day. 

3. She fully believes that I was trick or treating at the hospital and she was given to me as a treat. That is why I don't trick or treat anymore, its left for the kids now. She will tell you the story, just ask! If I say anything about her being in my tummy she corrects me, I wasn't in your tummy! You just took me home from the hospital!

4. She has very specific tastes. She gets very obsessed with one thing at a time. Very recently it was Boos, little stuffed animals with giant eyes, she spent every penny of allowance on them. Now it is Monster Highs. She was starting to really like Monster High dolls then we found the clips on youtube and she got really into them. Then the movie came out and its all she can talk about. Don't worry, she got PLENTY for her birthday!

5. Her brother is her best friend. They do everything together. If she and I go to the bank without him she insists on getting him a sucker also. She always always thinks of him. People come up and tell me things they do all the time and I don't realize why they are telling me, its so every day. If they see each other they run up, hug each other and say I love you! But not everyones kids do that, I suppose. It makes me so happy that they have that bond. 

Happy 5th Birthday Miss Chelsea. I hope you had a wonderful day. I love you so very much, infinity times to the moon and around the earth! You amaze me and make me laugh every day. I'm so happy with the person you are! 

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Coco said...

That was an awesome post. Made me a little weepy. I am so glad she had a great birthday, a great birthday party and I hope she has an amazing year!!