Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful day 6

I was going to eschew anything political today even though every thankful think I have seen today has been about politics. But the announcement of who won the presidential office came out before my blog post and it changed my mind. I am thankful that my candidate won. I do think that he is the better choice for our country. I am a little sad I missed the announcement that he won. I thought I had time to load the dishwasher and when I got back it was done. That was disappointing. But only mildly. =)

I am thankful for the people who stood and fought before us giving us the right to vote. Giving us the opportunity to judge and argue with people who would otherwise be friends. I have a strong distaste for politics, I think it brings out the ugliness in people, but I am very very thankful to live a life where we are given a choice. Where we can make our voices heard. A place and a time where we are not told who will rule us but where we get to mark a ballot that gets counted. I hope that the people I know and love don't take that lightly. Especially women.  Women fought for that right for us. We call it a right but someone had to demand it first. It was not given lightly. Women lost their familys, their freedom and their lives. We need to honor that by educating ourselves and taking the time to voice our opinions and voting. I do not care who or what you vote for, so long as you vote. Don't silence yourself after everything that was done to give you a voice.

I love you all and I don't care who you voted for! As long as you aren't a jerk about it!

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Coco said...

This made me weepy!! That was an amazing post!! I <3 you!!!