Sunday, October 16, 2011


Craft project at Lakeshore Learning

Zach made binoculars 

Chelsea made binoculars 

During the dress up game at Beach's
Booothday party

Mutant First Shark 

Dancing Fiery Pixie

Zach in a sea of girls

Swinging at the park 

Swinging at the park

What a good big brother!

Wants to be big enough for monkey bars!

Hit his funny bone -
Apparently it wasn't so funny. 

Playing near the water with Beach

Trying to get her boat

Chelsea fell in! Haha!

Please can I go in the water?!?

Cute stuff

What would the weekend be without wrestling with Beach??

1 comment:

Coco said...

AND Spy Kids, too!!!

I am so glad you had an awesome weekend. I am sad I did not see any of you this weekend!!

Kisses and hugs to my kiddos!!!