Saturday, October 22, 2011

I wish we had a spiderweb in our giant tree. That would be so cool.

I used to really go all out decorating for Halloween. The last couple of years I haven't done much though. We get almost no trick or treaters in our neighborhood so I didn't really see the reason. 
My cute lil spiders. 

Spooooooky tree

This bag is full of leaves that I raked! (the I there isn't doing its
all capital job. It should be very dramatic.)
Then the other day Zach mentioned how cool it would be if we had a spiderweb in our giant tree. And guess what I realized? I DO have trick or treaters to decorate for. So while they have been at their Grandmas for UEA weekend, I have been decorating for Halloween. 

The spinnerey thing has a bat in the center.
Looks just like batman. 

Bat tinsel I hung on the porch banister
Super sparkly pumpkin. Its actually been up awhile. 


Monster pals on the wall. They are quite large. 
Its not a lot but its a start!

My awesome skeletons. I wish I had more of them. 

The Witch Spirit Ball. She talks almost as much as Chelsea. At least she has an off switch. 

Happy Halloween!


Coco said...

So dang cute. Sorry you fell down.

Crystal said...

Falling down had nothing to do with decorating! I decorated just fine, I fell down just walking.

Coco said...

Such your mama's kid!!!

La Dayna said...

That's so kewl!!