Saturday, October 22, 2011

VooDoo Darlings

Ted and his ladies!  See the ghost?

We went to the VooDoo Darlings show last night at Murray Theatre. My brother was doing the lights for them so we showed up. We went for their Valentine show too. The Halloween show is a lot more fun, but then Halloween is just more fun then Valentines day! =D

I think she just saw the ghost

Brandon was supposed to come also but once again got stuck at work. I got a bit disappointed that he was missing it and lost my excitement to go. But went and had fun anyway. Sometimes I just get so frustrated with his job. Anyway! Ted ended up going with 3 lovely ladies. He said if Brother Brandon gets to have his brides Papa Ted can have his lovely ladies!

Crackle nails

Papa watching Netflix waiting for the show to start

Before the show show. I wish I could remember their name.
They were very entertaining. 

I really enjoyed the show. Some acts were amazing and some were eh but it was quite fun overall. 

Ted got a manly 10 calorie drink

The trapeze act. It was amazing. 
My cutesy brother and his adorable wifey. 

The stripper stage manager right behind me. 

Foot shot

Did I mention that the lights were AMAZING! 


Coco said...

If we go next year, we are all dressing up in our sluttiest of costumes, just so we can compete!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Angi said...

Are your boots gold? I am dying. Not familliar with that show, must know more.

Crystal said...

My boots ARE gold! They are pretty fantastic! =D I will let you know when their next show is, its pretty fun to go to.

La Dayna said...

fun stuff. Love your boots