Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Apple day at preschool

I went in and helped in Chelseas class today. It was my first time spending the day in her new class. First, I want to say I am so happy with her school. Her teacher is amazing and so is the teachers helper. Its the perfect fit for Chelsea. 

I didn't get any pictures today. I was too busy. And I was sticky with apple, being that it was apple day!

I spent the beginning of the time peeling apples. 22 apples. 

Every kid brought in 2 apples today. With their first apple they made applesauce. We cut up the apples and they added all of the ingredients to make the applesauce. Chelsea was wildly excited for the cinnamon. She had the teachers assistant just laughing because she wanted CINNAMON! 

They ate the other classes batch of applesauce for snack today and made their batch for them. The basically followed this recipe except they were cut into chunks and they didn't smash them. Not so much appleSAUCE but it was yummy. And I don't even like cooked apples. 

With their other apple they made shrunken apple head witches. I got to help them carve their apples for this. It was fun. Except I am covered in apple gunk and apple juice. It was a sticky job. The kids loved it. Now they are all sitting in the sun withering away. Next week they get to decorate and dress them. I can only imagine how that will go. Did I mention I have to MAKE the dress and send it in with her? Shrunken apple head instructions.

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