Friday, May 8, 2009

KayeLynns Graduation

My little sister graduated from college today! I was so proud watching her. I am so amazed by her every day. I cant wait to go to her next graduation. She is going to go to the U of U to be a Child Life specialist. I know she is going to be amazing at it. 

I cant wait to see all that she accomplishes in her life. She is such a sweet, talented, beautiful person and she deserves everything wonderful thing that comes her way. 

BTW, I cried through her graduation and I am crying writing about it. I am so freaking proud of her! I seriously look up to my little sister.

Pretty soon I will be going to my brothers graduation also. Then I will brag about how fantastic he is too. I have a pretty awesome family. I have to say my mom did a hell of a job, she deserves a plaque or a medal or something!


Mrs Mommy said...

She is a super sweet person! I like it the moment I met her. Congrats to her and to you. I love being proud of my sisters!

Colleen said...

I think you like making me weepy. I think it's your mission!!