Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We had such a fantastic vacation in San Diego. We have been home for a couple of days now so I figure its time to update!

San Diego was so much fun. We really needed a family vacation, it was time! We drove, which was not ideal to me but it actually wasn't too bad. We drove to Vegas the first night and stayed there. I had so many things there that I wanted to show my kids. I though it would be so cool. But we ended up not seeing much at all. We went down and saw the pirate ship at Treasure Island but didn't stay for the show. We played at Circus Circus for a little bit. Each kid got a prize and that was good enough!  On the way home we drove straight through, I was worried about it but it actually turned out better, I think. One extra long day of driving instead of two long days of driving.

We had such a good time in San Diego. We went to Sea 
World twice, the Zoo twice and the Wild Animal Park once. We also went to the beach. I love the ocean so much! The day we went to the beach it was overcast and windy. Not very warm either. Plus the beach we were going to was covered in seals! So we didn't stay long but it was still so much fun. 

At the Wild Animal Park we went in to feed the Lorikeets. I am pretty sure that this was one of Zachs top moments of vacation. He loved doing that. He was so cute. He never wanted to leave. At Sea World we went on the Behind the Scenes tour and part of the tour is that you can touch one of the little sharks. I think that was Zachs other favorite part.

Chelsea had the most fun of anyone, I think. She was free everywhere and they probably should have charged her double for the enjoyment she got out of it all. She is such a little animal lover. Every animal she saw she said HI to. I would tell her what they were and if she though she could say it she would try, HI Giraffe! If it was too hard she would just say HI! Her favorite was the Arctic area of Sea World though. She loved the penguins, the polar bears, the beluga whales and the walrus. She wanted to hug every animal that she saw while we were there.

Brandon, I believe, enjoyed feeding the Bat Rays. He thought that was so cool. He would hold half of a dead fish and let them suck it out of his hand. He loved it.

I loved watching my family. I loved watching them put their feet in the ocean for the first time. And being so excited to touch a shark or see a walrus or feed a bat ray. I love the joy that comes from it. 


Mrs Mommy said...

Oh honey I am SOOOO happy you guys had a great time! The pictures are awesome and I love Sea World too! Glad your home!

Colleen said...

I am so happy you had so much fun. I just kept wanting to hear more more more. I wanted to hear that you were having a good time, that Brandon was having a good time, that the kids were having a good time!!! That was so important. Thanks for being patient with me and my constant texts of "what is going on now?"!!!

La Dayna said...

oh that is so great! I Love to see the guys happy. The pictures are so great!

La Dayna said...

ps. Missed ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh it looks like it was SO much fun!!