Thursday, May 7, 2009

So excited!

I am so excited to be going on vacation! We went to Yellowstone when Zach was about 5 months old and that is the only family vacation we have been on. Other then camping, and I know camping counts as vacation. But I am excited for San Diego! I am so excited for my kids to see the ocean! I love the ocean and I think they will too. Brandon has never been to San Diego either and I think they will all love it. Sea World is going to be SO much fun! Only 3 days till we go, I really need to get us all ready!


Bart, Angi and Mia said...

San Diego is the best. You'll have a wonderful time. Are you doing Legoland too?

Crystal said...

No, I wish we were but 1 day at Legoland costs as much as a 5 day pass to Sea World, the Zoo and the Wild Animal Park.

Mrs Mommy said...

This is where I attempt to tell you I am happy for you, while really being super jealous! Love you and I hope you have a wonderful time!