Sunday, May 3, 2009

Doggy door baby

Chelsea has officially figured out the doggy door. She has gone out it with her brother before. But this afternoon the 2 of them were playing and Chelsea wandered away. I went to look for her after a minute and realized that she was not in the house anywhere. Having already gone through this stage with Zach I didn't freak out. I knew right away where she was. So I wandered outside and TADA! Chelsea is outside running around with the dogs. With no pants on. It was so dang cute though. Its a good thing we have a fully fenced back yard. We all hung out outside for a bit. I set up her swing on the swing set and let her try it out. She seems to really enjoy it!

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Mrs Mommy said...


Love the video! It is super cute and I love that you knew where she was!