Monday, June 25, 2012


Misty invited us to join them at Rockport Reservoir this weekend. I have been dying to go play in the water so we jumped on the chance. We loaded up the kayak and rented a paddleboard and we were on our way. The water was still a bit cold, think ice water on a hot day, and the wind was blowing most of the day but we still managed to have a super awesome fun day!

Beach helping Chels in the kayak

Me out on the paddleboard!  
Lunch break 

My fishy girl

The beach

Beach on the beach. =D (Chels is wandering around chanting that)

Cute girlies

LOVE this pic!

Aquatic hitchhiker

Holding on!

Swimming time

Sandcastle building underway. 

Fisher on the paddleboard

Floaty gymnastics. 


Lil piggy! 

Most he got in the water. 

Paddleboard trip with dad

Taking Beach for a spin

Piggy piggys 

Chelser in the kayak

Beach out relaxing. 

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Angi said...

Looks like a day.