Monday, June 25, 2012

U.P family days

Saturday was U.P. Family Days. Brandon has always told me about going when he was a kid so when they announced they were doing it for the 150 year anniversary of the Union Pacific, he was really excited. 

They had snow cones and cotton candy!

First thing we do? Get snowcones. First thing
Zach does? Spray RED snowcone liquid ALLL
over his shirt.

Zachs fav game. Darts. 

Chels couldn't quite throw high enough to hit the board. 


The dance contest teams. My kids were robbed.
The 2 little girls at the end are 4 and 7 also but everyone thought
they were adorable (and they are!) and littler then everyone else.


Locomotive. It makes me really claustrophobic to be inside.
Especially with a ton of other people. 

Conductor Zach

Conductor Chels

I can push the buttons?!?

Very serious stuff going on. 

Tough guy!

More cotton candy! 


Knocking a manager down in the dunk tank. 

So Zach knocked down a manager and another railroader
gave him a $20 bill because he so enjoyed watching the manager
get dunked. 

Spin art is fun!

Spin art!

Zach traded his $20 for a pretty awesome lego set. =D

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