Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Its no secret, I LOVE St. Patricks Day! It so much fun. There is so little pressure, you can make it whatever you want it to be. I think that it is fantastic. 

Zach and Chelseas trap
The leprechaun visits us every year. Every year we try to catch him and he gets away. This year the kids made the trap all on their own. At one point Zach told me, "Mom, we need to attach this watermelon to the ceiling and I need something to use as a trip wire."  Big plans. They put a bench in the trap for the leprechaun  to sit while he waited for them to come get him. And the book Zach wrote at school about last St. Patrick's Day. The outside was covered in Lucky Charms and there were some inside to get him in the box.
With their trap. 
They were pretty excited about the whole thing. They thought for sure this would be the year we got our pot of gold. 


Letter the leprechaun wrote. 
We didn't catch the leprechaun, obviously. He is a tricky little guy. He did leave them an awful lot of gifts for trying though. They each got a t-shirt so they wouldn't get pinched. A pad of construction paper (so they stop stealing their moms printer paper), bubbles, buttons (that they didn't want to use), green hair spray, Chels got a tiara and Zach got a clover hot wheels. Zach got a sea explorer set with a giant squid and Chelsea got a webkins cat that was covered in clovers. They also got Lucky Charms, because I bought them for a math game for Zachs class and had extras. Leprechaun was feeling really generous this year. I think maybe he knew that the kiddos are missing their dad and could use a distraction. =)
All the leprechaun leavings. 

Green cake
We went to La Daynas for dinner. I suck and took 3 pictures. All of Chelsea eating green cake. But we had fun. I miss doing things like that. And its a ton of fun to hang out with Misty, Colby, La Dayna and Andrew.

Hope you all had a fantastic GREEN day! 

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