Sunday, March 18, 2012

Seven year itch

People who resonate with number seven are scholars and poets. They are intelligent with amazingly analytical minds. Yet, their minds are usually in a dream world where they can move things and events to their liking. Although their reality in much different than other's - it is a reality of their own making. These people have the ability to bring the perfect people, places, and events in their life experience that lead them on a path of consistent revelation. 

I was trying to find something about the number 7 but I found this and liked it more. I have always had a thing for the number 7. It feels so big and important to me. Some people count my decades and I count by 7s. Not in a 7-14-21 way but a 7-17-27 way. I like to see the number 7. Maybe its because 7 ate 9. Who knows. But 7 is a big number in my mind. 

I have been looking forward to Brandon and my 7th anniversary for years. We don't do a lot for our anniversaries. Usually a movie or something (which is actually kind of a big deal for us to go to a movie without kids) But I have been planning out 7th anniversary for, very seriously, years. Its the one I was holding out for. If we made it to 7 we could make it to any number.  I had a big plan of a 7 year itch vow renewal. Lets just say it included Vegas and Elvis. Pretty much what I wanted when we got married but I got vetoed. I have been really excited about it for a long time, most everyone has heard about it at one point or another. But life gets in the way. 

Brandon sent me flowers. They are beautiful
but the card was the best part. =)
Now I am sitting here by myself on my 7th anniversary. My husband is on the other side of the country. He is working hard and being strong even though I know its hard for him to be away from his family. I'm doing a lot better with him being gone this time over last time. Not that I miss him any less, I just know whats going on this time. And I know he will be back soon and this is good. But today is hard. I miss him a lot today. I have had a stomachache for the last few days because I wasn't looking forward to being all by myself today. I was hoping to go to the hot springs today, because it would be an all day thing and we would be with friends. But it didn't work out. Ted invited  us to a movie this afternoon so we will go do that but I am going to try to find something to do until then. I don't want to sit around and wallow. I want to just go do something

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Coco said...

Happy Anniversary. I am sorry you are alone today - well, without Brandon anyway. Just think of it as delayed and go have a hell of a time in New Orleans, just the two of you. It will be an awesome honeymoon!!!