Monday, March 12, 2012

Piper Down Night

Fanny Packin' Sister Wives! 
La Dayna and I had our fundraiser at Piper Down a few nights ago. I have been planning on blogging about it but seem to have been putting it off. I suppose I am afraid of sounding like a brat in it. So bear with me and remember thats  not my intention!

La Dayna and Andrew. On their phones...
 We have been working on this for quite awhile. I cant remember where the idea started but I am pretty sure it was La Daynas idea. I was really excited but a bit terrified of it. It was a big job. And lets be honest, we are 2 stay at home moms. We have ZERO connections. We were starting at nothing. And it was just the 2 of us. No committee. No event fund. Just 2 mom working hard. Not to mention that La Dayna has a lot of other things on her plate right now. And I am basically a single mom while Brandon is working in New Orleans. But we never even considered scrapping it. We put our hearts into it.

Awesome, supportive friends! 
We found a bar, we found a band, we found another band, we found donations for our raffle. Our goal was at least 3 prizes for each raffle. We ended up having 20 total. 10 for each raffle. And there were some amazing prizes. This was no small feat.

The day of the event we were both so excited and so nervous. We had high expectations for the night. The plan was that the bar would be charging $5 a person cover that would all go to us. I was thought this was going to be huge. I figured it would be the main fundraiser and our raffle would be basically a side thing to add on the top. My goal for the night was $1,000. And I thought it was realistic.

More awesome supportive friends!
I had a ton of fun. To be honest, I expect more people that we actually know. Everyone who came for us fit at a table. The people who came are amazing. I adore every one. I think its pretty fantastic to have such supportive people in our lives. I was feeling a little bad that a lot of the raffle names were coming from our table until I realized the reason they were coming from there was those are the people who bought the most raffle tickets!

On stage before the Folka Dots started. 
We heard two fantastic bands play. I am beyond pleased with the 2 bands who performed. They were both great and fun. If you ever get a chance to hear The Red on Black or The Folka Dots play, don't skip it!

We gave out our awesome prizes. The main event ended up being the love swing. More then one person was vying for it! They guy who one it was super adorable. I was pleased when it was him.

This dude REALLY wanted the love swing. In a big loud way. 
At the end of the night we went to collect the cover charge money. I was pretty excited about the cover. Like I said, as far as I was concerned, it WAS the fundraiser. But they didn't start the cover until 9 and everyone there had been there since before 9. We ended up getting $14 from the cover. It was a bit disheartening, to say the least.

Luckily, we did pretty well in the raffle. We ended up with a total of $449.48. I went ahead and tossed in 52 cents to make it $450. Its not a bad amount at all. Its a great start toward a fundraiser that hasn't even officially started yet. It wasn't our goal and it isn't going to get us our win on its own but its a beginning.

Now we have to come up with another fundraiser to add to this one! We are VERY open to suggestions!

$450 headed to Make-A-Wish!!

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