Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 people, dead or alive, I would invite to dinner. With menu.

Ok, here we go! You know, I have been so excited and waiting for this one! But I haven't had a chance to get it done. Too much going on to give it the attention it deserves! 

1. Elvis - Because he is Elvis and he should be invited to everything, every time! 

2. Zooey Deschanel - When they make a movie of my life, I want her to play me. So I might as well try to get in good with her now. 

3. Neil Patrick Harris - Because he is legan-waitforit-dary! Plus he might break out into song at any moment. 

4. Kevin James - I think he is beyond hilarious. I love everything he does, outside of King of Queens.

5. Jason Bateman - Just cant go wrong there. 
6. Phil Keoghan - Get some tips for the Amazing Race. Plus, who would have cooler stories??
7. Mitch Hedberg - If you don't know who he is, google him. He was a hilarious stand up comic.
8. Heidi Newfield - I'd love to know what she was thinking leaving Trick Pony! (sob) 

~I am trying really hard to come up with more, I don't want to wimp out and say anyone I know, I'm counting them as obviouses. I really need some more women...~

9. This guy, from the Brothers Winn I don't know anything about him but he has a whole bunch of what you ought to know videos on youtube, they are quite entertaining. 

After much (not very much) thought I have picked the lucky final guest at our awesome dinner party. I really needed another female but I wasn't sure who to include. Having youtube up made me think of someone who would probably add to the night...

10. Jenna Marbles. I cannot tell you why but for some reason I really love Jenna Marbles. She is beyond insane and she is crude, which I don't usually like. But for whatever reason, I get a kick out of her. Although, I could do without the baby talk to her dogs...

I've been figuring out who for so long that I haven't given a thought to the menu. So I'm just going to have it catered. HA!


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La Dayna said...

LOL You're so cute! I hope I get to sneak in!