Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Something you miss

I miss people. There are some people from my past that I really miss. They were big in my life at some point and now they are not. And while I understand it, I do miss them. Some people disappoint you greatly in life and sometimes you have to make a decision about them. Are they worth keeping in your life? Are they adding or taking away from your happiness and your well being? Sometimes its not even your choice, life takes people out of your life. Its funny, writing this I am thinking about a lot of different people but one is kinda odd. There was a girl I knew in elementary school, I couldn't tell you what grade it was. But she was my friend. She lived on my street, at the other end. And she was weird. I was weird too. And I rarely made friends but she and I became friends. I remember her taking me to church with her one day. I wish I could remember what kind of church it was but I believe that was the one and only time I was ever happy in church. She had these church dollars that she had been saving up for their church store and she bought me a toy while we were there. I cant remember her name and she only lived there for a little while but I miss her.

I also miss working. I love being a stay at home mom and I know how hard Brandon works to allow me to do that. I just also miss work. I miss having somewhere to be that isn't about my kids. And I don't mean that harshly or snotty, work was just always really my identity. Now my identity is so wrapped up in my kids that sometimes I forget who I am. 

And right now I miss Brandon. He is so far away working so hard to support our little family. He is a great man and I love him. I wish he didn't have to go do things like this but I love that he will. I know its hard on him, as well as me and the kids, but he does it for good reasons. He takes such good care of us all. 


Coco said...

This was a sweet post!

La Dayna said...

aww- this is a great post!!