Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A problem you have or have had

I am determined to finish this challenge. It has taken me much more then 30 days though. I was doing really great then we went to Mexico then Brandon left and it just seems hard to fit it in now. Dang it.

So, a problem I have. Lemme count the ways... I have it narrowed down to 2. Do I go serious or petty? Maybe I will just let you know them both. I owe you after being so bad finishing this challenge, right?

My serious one is awkwardness. I don't know what is wrong with me. I get around people and I lose brain function. I have been called shy so many times and lemme tell you, that isn't my problem. If I have something to say I will say it. (Ask the karate dad.) No issues. My problem is more that my mind will not come up with a single thing to say. I will sit there awkwardly and try to come up with something and it just doesn't happen. Then I get more awkward because I have made it awkward and I cant figure out how to fix it. Its not an intimidation thing, I'm not worried what someone is going to think about what I say. I am just missing a function that works for social situations. I can get up in front of a whole group of people and give a whole schpeel, its not a problem for me. Because you work it out ahead of time. Hell, I sold Slumber Parties and I was really good at it. I could tell you everything about every item and why you needed it and so many cool things. But I couldn't talk to you about anything normal, my idiot brain would just freeze right up. I'm awesome professionally. Personally, I suck. 
My other problem, and to me this is a HUGE problem! My stupid straight straight straight eyelashes!! UGH! I can not do ANYTHING to curl them. Makes me sick. I spend so much time with stupid eyelash curlers. They do so little but the little bit it helps actually seems worth it. I've had my eyelashes permed to try to help and it just did nothing. The night before my wedding I laid there, with this horrible awful spray on tan, and just thought I don't care what else happens, just let my eyelashes CURL! Of course it didn't happen. 


Coco said...

Ah, your horrible genetic makeup - twisted tongue tied when having to speak to someone. I know your pain.

La Dayna said...

LOL good thing you know me Crystal! I will talk to anyone (hopefully not annoyingly)

I should finish school so I could perm your lashes for free. :-(