Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blaze Game

The action 
The Blaze is Utahs Arena Football team. I personally would rather watch arena football then regular football any day.  Ted called and said he had some tickets and asked if I wanted to take the kids for opening night. We had sooo much fun! I got cranky for a minute when the lady in front of us complained about my kids bouncing but we moved seats and had a blast (and the people who took our spot had more kids and younger kids, made me happy, petty but happy)
Its all about the snacks!

Zach was so into the game. It killed me. He watched the score and he cheered for the Blaze. Usually he cheers for both teams if he even pays attention. This was the first time he was really into the competition. It was the highlight of the night watching him get so wound up in it.

Nachos you say? She is IN!
Chelsea liked the dancers of course. When I took her to the bathroom,  excuse me, ONE of the times I took her to the bathroom, she saw one of the dancers and told her "I like your dancing!" and then the dancer had a whole conversation with her about it that I couldn't hear because of the music. It was really sweet. I think it was the highlight for Chelsea.

The game was pretty intense. The Blaze were up quite a bit at the beginning but the Sabercats caught up to them and it was really close the rest of the game. With 13 seconds left the Blaze got ahead by 1 point and thats how it ended.  

Zach wants to go to every game from now on. He told me "its so much more exciting and action-ey then basketball!"  He liked the tackling and when they would kick the ball alllllll the way across the field. 

Cotton candy kid

Nom nom!

So silly!

Got a little sleepy for a bit

Zach was a cheering maniac

She is seriously reading a book! 

Such a close game!!

Chelsea cheering for Mammas team

Zach cheering

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Coco said...

So much fun!!! Zach was a riot!!! I thought the people in front of him were gonna blow a gasket laughing at him. And that fun-hater - I hope she got kicked more than a couple of times!! HAHAHAHA!! I laughed every time I saw those kids moving around and jumping around!!!